Announcing Wright and Simon's Manufacturers Custom/Made to Measure Sale
This is not off the rack. Come into the store to be measured and select styles, fabrics other options. What's important is the sale window is April 7 through the 21st. We must place all orders by April 21st.

Showroom 1st Floor, Tailor Shop 2nd Floor

From our parking garage, use rear entrance on Shipley St. Well, it’s not quite our parking garage...It's the HyPark Garage, located behind our Shipley Street entrance, and it's free for our customers when you come in to see us in the store.

Wright and Simon Withstands the Test of Time

As we embark on our 84th year, I’m proud that only two generations of my family have been sole owners. In addition, serving up to three generations of the same client families stands out as an endorsement of our products and services.

Twice a year, spring and fall, we put out a newsletter for our customers. Th e newsletter usually focuses on what’s going on in the men’s clothing industry, especially what’s new and different about what we’re selling. Somehow, this time, it struck me that we might touch upon a historical connection between then and now in our store.

My dad, Morris, who dropped out of the University of Delaware to get a job to help feed the family was unemployed, along with Mr. James H. Wright, who’d retired from his own men’s store, Wright’s at 8th and Market. Together, along with one of my dad’s brothers, Wright & Simon was born at 109 W. 9th St. in March 1935.

When my dad was discharged from the Army in 1946, Mr. Wright again retired. He passed in 1950. My dad, Morris, was the businessman and the inspiration of the business. With the financial help of the third Simon brother, a lawyer, Wright & Simon moved into its current location in September 1952

In the late ‘60s times begin to change with the movement of the population from the city to the suburbs. Many of the retail shops moved with them. We stayed where we were to serve our demographic, those who still worked downtown. A wise decision by my dad.

I was first put to work in the store during the summer of 1965. Th at work continued, along with Saturdays, until I began full-time in the fall of 1971. It was during the ‘70s when the Market Street Mall was constructed to help spur downtown businesses -- with mixed results.

Best of Delaware 2017 As the years rolled along we continued to off er customers the best clothing and furnishings available, with a full staff of professional salesmen and accomplished fitters, tailors and seamstresses.

Things began gradually to change not long aft er my dad’s peaceful passing in 2002 at age 90. Business Casual began to take hold in the business environment, slowing the amount of tailored clothing sold from hanging inventory. Thus began the slow transition to made-to-measure, from just a small niche to a major force.

Our spring and fall events provide you with the opportunity to choose your own fabric, from many of the fi nest Italian mills which incorporate some of the new technological advances. The styling options include lining and buttons, personalized label embroidery, working buttonholes, pick or blust lapel edging and other features. Models for fi t can be transitional, new modern, or something in between. All are your choices, with our help to guide you. Our tailor shop will of course make whatever slight adjustments needed upon final fitting. Thank you for reading our newsletters. I’m appreciative of all the comments about the newsletter over the years.

I hope to see you in the store soon.

Sincerely, - Len Simon