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Decades ago, in answer to the challenges of modern business consumers,
Hickey Freeman invited Loro Piana to create luxurious men's suiting wool
for all season wear. This is the origin of Tasmanian, super 150's wool
developed by Loro Piana, exclusively for Hickey Freeman. It was
discovered that due to the climate in the Blue Mountains, the fleece of
sheep raised  on Tasmania - the Indian Ocean Island off the coast of
Australia - yields especially fine wool. This lightweight super fine
caliber wool brought about revolutionary sartorial change, as the
impeccable style and meticulous tailoring of a Hickey Freeman suit could
now be worn comfortably year round. the Hickey Freeman Tasmanian suit
continues to be the gold standard for men who expect as much from their
clothes as they do from themselves.
In this section of the website we feature custom made-to-measure garments. This part of our website is designed as a series of Manufacturers' Showcases in the format of a web store . A Manufacturer Showcase on the web is designed to show what is currently available from that manufacturer. A showcase lets you see the key features of our highly customized products, such as made-to-measure suits and sport coats. We cannot really sell tailored menswear in an online store format. You can just order a fixed sized sport shirt or tie, but for made-to-measure you will need to come in and be measured by our fitters and tailors. When you come in you will have the opportunity to select the fabrics from our selection of samples.

Many new made-to-measure customers are almost overwhelmed when they see the hundreds of fabrics, added on top of dozens of style choices - remember, these are custom made-to-measure garments. To make it more convenient for you, our customers, to pre-shop we now have high resolution photographic samples of the custom fabrics on our website.

We are using the traditional online shopping cart for you to build a wish list so that you can review and print it out to show others or bring it with you to the store to make your shopping experience more convenient and productive.

There is also a physical component in the texture and feel in three-dimensional fabrics that images can't reproduce. There is also a feeling of finish that can only be appreciated by touch.

Please remember that these are custom fabrics and many are seasonal -- therefore their availability is checked before each and every order to make sure the fabric is in stock for your custom product.