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Hart Shaffner Marx believes that every man is entitled to suits and sport coats with seams in all the right places and jacket shoulders that tastefully swagger as they walk forward into life. They believe that men deserve to move with grace and class and style and that they deserve clothing resilient to pass down to their sons.

If you look on the inside of these suits and sport coats, you'll notice the strength and regularity of every seam, the attention paid to the lining and the resilient threading of every button. If you look at the outside, you'll notice that it's made from the finest materials to ensure that you're not merely dressed up when you're wearing one of these suits, but that you actually look smart. (There is a big difference.)

On the Internet in the men's clothing industry, a Manufacturer Showcase is designed to show you what is currently available from that manufacturer. For highly customized products such as made-to-measure suits and sport coats we cannot really sell this type of menswear online like a fixed sized sport shirt or tie -- we do sell these online, and please check out our selection, but for made-to-measure you will need to come in be measured by our fitters and tailors. When you come in you will have the opportunity to select the fabrics from our selection of samples.

This is where we are using the traditional online shopping cart, but not for you to make a purchase, but to build a wish list that you can also review and print out to show others or bring it with you to the store to make your shopping experience more convenient and productive.