Hickey Freeman - Wright & Simon

Our founders, Jacob Freeman & Jeremiah Hickey, had a vision to bring high-quality hand-tailoring to men and so The Temple (aka our factory) was proudly built 1899 in Rochester, New York…where we continue to make garments today. Men of style and achievement have, for generation after generation, turned to Hickey Freeman for authenticity, quality, elegance and innovation.


A full selection of made-to-measure fabrics is available in our store for seasonal and year-round wear, including suits, sports coats, trousers, and top coats.


A Series


A gentleman’s fit for comfort. This classic silhouette features a definitive shoulder, wider chest, and traditional armhole on a longer coat.


Updated Traditional

B Series


A universal fit for every man. Enhanced for a more tailored fit, featuring a softer shoulder, narrower cut, and slimmer lapel.



H Series


A trimmer, contemporary fit. Features a slimmer silhouette, with slim cut soft shoulders and a shorter coat.