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Base Shirts

Traveler is the ultimate in luxury performance fabric. Combining superb 120’s , 140’s and Pure Italian Linen yarn with an innovative finishing process results in the very best of Wrinkle Resistant Quality. Travel shirts offer comfort, versatility and performance no matter where the journey may lead.

Albini Journey Twill | Wrinkle Free 140 x 140

  • H42WTO-Z

  • Q03BTO-Z

Albini Yoga Twill | 70’s Compact Stretch

  • P25BBC-S

  • O73BTP-S

  • B10BBP-S

Albini Journey Lino | Wrinkle Free Italian Linen

  • X43WLO-S

  • H25BLO-S

Albini Journey | Wrinkle Free 100's

  • O55BBS-W

Albini Piumino | Stretch 120 x 120

  • F55NBS-W

Albini Satin Stretch | 120 x 120

  • K58EBS-W

  • K62NBS-W

Albini Journey Twill | Wrinkle Free 100's

  • J54BBS-W

  • A28BTP-W

  • H70BTP-W

  • E08BTC-W

  • D60BTC-W

  • A87PTC-W

Base Shirts

Dry & Fly Easy Iron’s high tech finish makes caring for your Custom Shirts easy. A light touch up with a warm iron at the color, cuff and front placket is all you need to do to look your best. Dry & Fly Easy Iron fabrics are comfortable to the touch and feature a high degree of moisture absorption and crease resistance.

Royal Oxford 80's

  • R75WOO-P

  • R78BOO-P

  • R53LOO-P

Twill Two Ply

  • N48WTO-P

  • X16BTO-P

  • T78LTO-P

Two Ply Poplin

  • W06WTO-P

  • Y36BBO-P

Dobby 60's

  • A38BOO-S

  • K78LOO-S

  • J31AOO-S

  • T28POO-S

  • P74OOO-S

Gingham Two Ply

  • O75BBC-P

  • S26PBC-P

  • S05LBC-P

Tattersall Two Ply

  • O67BBC-P

  • K64RBC-P

Twill Two Ply

  • O38PTP-O

  • O28BTP-O

Prince of Wales

  • W99BTP-O

Base Shirts

Natural All Cotton Stretch fabric allows for greater comfort and slimmer fit while offering the breathability that only an all cotton fabric can provide.

Natural Stretch Cotton

  • C15BTC-O

  • L80WTO-O

  • G46BTO-O

  • O54LTO-O

  • O83BTO-O

  • O87GTO-O

  • O91ETO-O

Base Shirts

Weba ‘Wrinkle Free Stretch’ is the perfect travel shirt. This unique combination of luxurious wrinkle resistant 120’s compact yarn cotton and just a touch of an Italian woven elastic fiber, always looks right no matter what the mode of travel. ‘Wrinkle Free Stretch’ requires only a minimal touch up with an iron. This exclusive fabric allows for greater comfort, breathability, luster and style while offering superior performance.

Wrinkle Free Stretch | 96 Cotton 4 Elastic

  • Q68WQO-O

  • V33BQO-O

  • C59BQS-O

Tech Stretch | 98 Cotton 2 Spandex

  • A62WQO-O

Tech Stretch | 97 Cotton 3 Elastic

  • T22EQS-O

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