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Simply put, our Bespoke Shirt is a passion product exemplary of the very best craftsmanship.

A small group of skilled artisans work exclusively on our Bespoke Shirts, one at a time, to ensure the details are impeccably executed. The Individualized Bespoke Shirt is constructed using only an exclusive collection of fabric which require the attention and care that only hand sewing can provide.

The finished product feels unlike any shirt you have worn before.

Quality Features of the Bespoke Shirt:

  • Hand Set Collar
  • Hand Stitched Collar Close
  • True Split Deepened Yoke
  • Three Millimeter Mother of Pearl Buttons
  • Hand Sewn Italian Linen Gussets
  • Painstakingly Created One at a Time
  • The World’s Most Luxurious Fabrications

Golden Jubilee V | Royal Oxford 330's Four Ply

  • Z63W45-Z5

  • Z64B45-Z5

Golden Jubilee IV | Twill 330's Four Ply

  • Z75W45-Z5

  • Z76B45-Z5

Golden Jubilee | Poplin 330's Four Ply

  • Z61W45-Z5

Millenium Star Poplin | 330's Three Ply

  • Z65W45-Z5

  • Z67B45-Z5

Sancy Poplin | 240's Three Ply

  • Z73W45-Z3

  • Z74B45-Z3

Cullinan II Twill | 300's Two Ply

  • Z77W45-Z4

  • Z78B45-Z4

Cullinan Poplin | 300's Two Ply

  • Z84B45-Z4

  • Z85B45-Z4

  • Z80B45-Z4

  • Z79B45-Z4

  • Z72B45-Z4

  • Z70B45-Z4

  • Z71B45-Z4

Sea Island Poplin | Mustique 170's Two Ply

  • Z81W45-Z3

Sea Island Poplin | St. Barth 140's Two Ply

  • Z82W45-Z2

  • Z83B45-Z2

The Best of Bespoke

Albini 200's Two Ply

  • X70W45-Z4

  • S77B45-Z4

Monti 200's Two Ply

  • X35W45-Z4

  • V23B45-Z4

Bugatti 200's Two Ply

  • E86W45-Z4

  • E88B45-Z4

Albini 160's Two Ply

  • B14WBO-W

Albini Twill 140's Two Ply

  • X52WTO-X

  • X56BTO-X

Royal Oxford 140's Two Ply

  • B56WOO-W

  • B27BOO-W

Albini Goldline 140's Two Ply

  • A15WBO-S

  • X60BBE-W

  • X58LBE-W

Monti 170's Two Ply

  • W98BBC-Z

Albini 140's Two Ply

  • D18NTC-Z

Disclaimer: Please dress appropriately for our try on template (i.e. undershirt, t-shirt, etc.) Thank you.

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